Aamina Pujara

Arabic Language Teacher and Administrator

Aamina moved to Saudi Arabia as a child and completed all of her primary, secondary, college and university education in Saudi Arabia through the medium of the Arabic Language. She gained a Bachelors degree with Honours in Islamic Law along with an Arabic Language Foundation Course from Imamu University in Riyadh. She speaks fluent Modern Standard Arabic (Fus-Ha) and has Ijaza in Tajweed from two different narrations. One of Aamina's main duties is to plan, prepare and deliver daily individual and group lessons for the children and to speak Modern Standard Arabic only whilst at the School to accelerate pupils Arabic Language Acquisition. Aamina is responsible for maintaining progress records for all pupils to ensure that they are making good progress. Aamina is also responsible for Arabic Curriculum development in both Children’s House and the Elementary class. In this capacity she works closely with the Principal, Headteacher and Arabic Curriculum Advisor (Sanaa Said - see below).

Aaamina also works in the afternoons as part of the School Administration team. In this capacity Aamina liaises with new and current parents about a range of matters such as registration, admissions, enrolment and and issues relating to current pupils. She will also be providing vital front line support to the School undertaking receptionist and secretarial duties by responding to enquiries, typing up documents and taking minutes of staff and parent meetings and managing pupil and parent data. Aamina is also responsible for administering regular events at the School such as the coffee mornings/afternoons, open days and registration visits for new parents.

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