Saahera Motara

Principal & Trustee of the AEF

As Principal and Proprietor of the School, Saahera has a PGCE in Mathematics and 15 years of experience working within the field of education. She has legal responsibility to the Department for Education (DfE) for the management of the setting and is responsible for ensuring that a suitable headteacher, deputies and staff are recruited for the School. It is her duty to ensure that the statutory requirements of an Independent School are met including the Independent School Standards and the EYFS. Her role involves making sure that the needs of pupils and staff are catered for and that all legal and financial obligations are considered and met. In this capacity Saahera works closely with the AEF Trustees, The Governing Board, the DfE, the Local Authority and the schools Accountants and Solicitors. She is responsible for the effective management of the School and for its growth and development. In this function, she oversees all aspects organisation including marketing, fundraising, IT and communications, finance, recruitment, and managing volunteers and events. Saahera also plays a key role in handling the School’s finances, monitoring budgets and applying for funding.

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