School Uniform

The Alamiyah School uniform consists of a dress code in specific colours.  Please read over this guidance carefully before purchasing suitable clothing

Children seem to be happiest in comfortable, practical, easy-to-wear clothing, which they can put on and remove independently or with minimal assistance.  Therefore we suggest all garments are made from natural, breathable fabrics like cotton where possible and be suitable for all weathers. Clothes must be easy to put on and remove independently with no complicated fastenings or straps. All clothes including shoes must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Alamiyah School Uniform 

Dress Code

All clothes must be PLAIN, with the exception of striped or checked summer dresses for girls.

The following clothing is not permitted:

  • Clothes with large logos or cartoon images.
  • Short skirts or shorts (leggings or tights must be worn under skirts)
  • Shoes with laces
  • Patterned clothes

Outdoor shoes:

  • Outdoor shoes should be sensible shoes or trainers in muted colours such as black, brown, white, navy blue.  Open toe and open back sandals and shoes with laces are not permitted.

Indoor Shoes:

  • Outdoor shoes are not permitted in the classroom so please provide your child with a pair of indoor shoes that we will keep at the school. Indoor shoes can be slippers or plimsolls in muted colours such as brown, black, white or navy blue.
  • All shoes and slippers should have a hard sole not a fabric sole and should not be open toe or open back. Slippers must be clearly labelled with your child’s names.

Cold and Rainy Weather Clothing in navy blue or white

Boys Girls
Polo Neck or Shirt (white or navy) Polo Neck or Blouse (white or navy)
Jumper, Sweatshirt or Cardigan (navy) Jumper, Sweatshirt or Cardigan (navy)
Jogging Bottoms or Trousers (navy) Trousers or Jogging Bottoms (navy) or
Knee length Pinafore (navy), with leggings, tights or trousers (white or navy),
Islamic Hat (5+ years) Scarf (5+ years)
Outdoor Shoes -Wellington boots, shoes or trainers & Indoor Shoes (See guidance) (boys and girls) 
Winter Coat/ Rain Coat (purple, green or blue) (boys and girls) 
Warm hat, gloves and scarf

Sunny and Hot Weather Clothing in navy blue and white

Boys Girls
T-shirt, Polo shirt, or Shirt (white)  T-shirt, Polo Shirt or Blouse (white) 
Cardigan (navy) Cardigan (navy)
Jogging Bottoms, Trousers or Long shorts 
(over the knee) (navy) 
Trousers or Jogging Bottoms (navy) 
Checked/striped blue and white summer dress, with 
leggings, tights or trousers (white) 
Islamic Hat (5+ years) (white or navy)  Scarf (5+ years) (white or navy) 
Outdoor Shoes -Wellington boots, shoes or trainers & Indoor Shoes (See guidance) (boys and girls) 
Rain Coat (purplegreen or blue)
Sun Hat


Lost property

Please make sure that all your children’s clothes are clearly labelled with your child’s name. If an item of clothing is forgotten at the school please speak to a member of staff who will try to locate the item of clothing. If an item of clothing has not been labelled it will be placed in the lost property box. If the item of clothing is not reclaimed within one month the school will discard it or use it as spare clothing. If you still cannot make any headway with reclaiming your lost property then please send an email to for the matter to be resolved.

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